Repair Warranty terms and conditions

AZrepair offers 3 months warranty for any repair that undertakes. The parts we use are mainly high quality – OEM – and in many cases authentic. In the case of a defective part we replace it free of charge. The warranty we offer you applies to the parts we have installed. The warranty does not cover damage from water or any other physical damage.

Learn what physical damage voids the warranty on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device.


The following terms are considered physical damage and unfortunately not covered by the warranty.

1) Damaged screen
Not covered by warranty.

  • Cracked screen
  • Shattered screen
  • Chipped screen

2) Damaged or corroded ports
Not covered by warranty.

  • Damaged port – Charging port or connector is bent, broken or loose.
  • Corroded port – Charging port or connector has come in contact with a liquid causing corrosion (i.e. discoloration).

3) Deep gouges or scratches on display or casing
Not covered by warranty.

4) Cracked or damaged frame
Not covered by warranty.

  • Cracked frame – Large cracks in the frame.
  • Damaged frame – Not covered by warranty.

5) Excessive dings
Not covered by warranty.

6) Discolored display
Not covered by warranty.

7) Missing AZrepair Warranty label
The warranty label inside your device must be intact and in place for your device to be covered by warranty.

8) Missing screws
Not covered by warranty (evidence that device has been tampered with).

9) Missing keys or buttons
Not covered by warranty.

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