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Our first priority is to have every customer that leave our store completely satisfied.

A happy customer is a returning customer and will do everything we can to make that happen.

Why AZrepair?

Fast Repairs

Most of the repairs that we offer can be completed in the same day. Check our website or contact us for approximate time for your specific repair.

Lowest Prices

We are largest chain of repair centres in Europe so we are able to buy parts in large quantities and pass the savings to our customers.

3 Months Warranty

We are so confident in our technicians and quality of our parts. We offer  3 months of warranty on almost all our repairs. Click here for INFO.

Up to 75% Savings

When a Smartphone or Tablet breaks, sometimes multiple part needs to be replaced. We give you 50% off and 75%. Click here for INFO.

High Quality Repairs

Our highest quality parts and testing procedure before and after the repair gives our customers the highest quality repair available.

Expert Technicians

Our certified technicians are continuously being trained in new repairs and repair processes that are up to the highest standards.

Check out some of our latest work!


Smartphone Fixed

Tablet Fixed

SmartWatch Fixed

Happy customers

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